Crowds Still Believe in a Place Called the William J. Clinton Presidential Library

Terri Garner, the director of the Clinton Presidential Library who’s featured in this week’s Executive Q&A, shared some information we didn’t have room for in her feature, so Whispers offers it right here.

Among the nuggets are attendance figures for each federal fiscal year (October-September) since the library’s opening in Little Rock in 2004.

  •  FY2005: 447,781
  •  FY2006: 303,326
  •  FY2007: 264,866
  •  FY2008: 273,108
  •  FY2009: 302,583
  •  FY2010: 319,543
  •  FY2011: 334,970
  •  FY2012: 353,755

Other questions and their answers:

How often does Bill Clinton come for a visit and spend the night?

There is no set schedule for his visits. He comes when his very busy schedule allows.

Will the president be buried on the grounds when he dies many, many years from now?

That will be a family decision. We will cooperate and follow any requests made by the family at the appropriate time.

Are there plans for developing the areas around the center?

Not at this time.

What does the future hold for the Clinton Presidential Center?

Many more exciting temporary exhibits, public programs and educational opportunities for students of all ages.

What are some of the most unusual items in the collection?

President Clinton received a few gifts related to the Gulf War, which happened a few years before his presidency. This is the most unusual. It is a wood toilet seat with what looks like a screenprint of a photographic portrait shot of Saddam Hussein on the top of the lid, which has been painted over by the artist. Saddam is in a dark jacket with yellow-orange shoulder straps and a grey-green shirt, with light blue background, all of which is painted on over the photograph, his hair and face have been lightly painted over as well.

It was a gift from a citizen of London, England.