Acxiom Corp. Changes Logo, Cites 'New Strategy' in Rebranding

Acxiom Corp. of Little Rock has rolled out a new look for its companywide brands.

A new lowercase logo has replaced the "big X" design created in 2006. Spokesman Wyatt Jefferies said the rebranding "reflects our new strategy and unique ability to create better connections between people, businesses and their partners."

Jefferies said it will take an estimated six to eight months to convert all of the company's signage, collateral and communications.

The marketing change comes a year and half after former Microsoft executive Scott Howe became CEO. Howe has said he wants the company to move deeper into digital services, capturing the explosion of online information that increases every day.

Last month, the publicly traded company (Nasdaq: ACXM) announced it was one of several data services providers teaming with social media giant Facebook, which said the partnerships are part of an effort to improve its custom audiences tool.

According to Facebook's news release, marketers will be able take advantage of the data refining techniques performed at Acxiom and elsewhere.

"For example, an auto dealer may want to customize an offer to people who are likely to be in the market for a new car," the release notes. "To do this many businesses work with third party companies to better understand who might be in the market for a new car."

Since Howe's hire, Acxiom has hired other executives from the digital world, including executives from companies like Google Inc.,, Electronic Arts and MTV.