Suit Says Former Cosmopolian Agent Still Owes $56K

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news out of the sinkhole formerly known as Cosmopolitan Life Insurance Co.

The former Little Rock company, you may remember, fell into receivership in 2009 after it turned out it was bleeding money and no bandage was in sight.

Now, according to a suit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court, Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford, the company’s receiver, is seeking to recoup money advanced to Steve Seeman, who was an agent for Cosmopolitan in Texas.

Bradford said $45,500 was advanced to Seeman in 2005 when Cosmo was expanding its Employers Choice Health Plan program in Texas.

According to the suit, one payment was made on the advance of about $4,000 in 2009. Since then, interest has been accruing. The suit says Seeman owed $57,523.99 as of Dec. 18. Bradford is attempting to collect that money as part of the receivership estate.

Seeman did not respond to phone calls made to his apartment in Dallas.