A Look at the 3 Law Firms Who Pulled in Profits from Class-action Suits in Miller County

Although there’s no sign advertising the fact, the Craftsman-style brick house with its wraparound porch at 406 Walnut St. in Texarkana is the home of Keil & Goodson, one of the most lucrative law firms in Arkansas.

Keil & Goodson is one of three firms that together generated $420 million in attorneys’ fees tied to settlements in class-action lawsuits in Miller County during the past seven years.

One of the partners of the firm, Matt Keil, received his law degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and became a licensed attorney in Arkansas in 1986.

The other partner, John Goodson, received his law degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and became a licensed attorney in Arkansas in 1990. Goodson was named to a 10-year term on the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees in 2011. Since late 2011, Goodson has been married to Arkansas State Supreme Court Justice Courtney Hudson Goodson.

The Keil & Goodson firm doesn’t have a website.

Another of the class-action firms does have a website, on which it claims to have enough money to “go toe-to-toe with the biggest and most powerful companies in the world.”

The Nix Patterson & Roach LLP, headquartered about an hour from Texarkana in Daingerfield, Texas, has been in business more than 40 years. With a staff of 27 attorneys and a support staff of more than 50 employees, the firm also boasts online of its fleet of three aircraft and a staff of full-time pilots.

“When we discover a key piece of evidence or an important witness, we need to get there immediately,” the NixLawFirm.com said. “While most attorneys are waiting in line at the airport, we have the ability to get there fast and get there first.”

Nix Patterson has Texas offices in Austin, Dallas and Texarkana, just over the state line from Miller County. It also is opening an office in Florida.

A third firm that has shared in the Miller County bounty is Crowley Norman LLP of Houston.

It has three members and has handled successful lawsuits ranging from class actions to personal injury, it said on its website.

“The Firm’s numerous and wide-ranging recoveries are a testament to the breadth of knowledge, experience, and determination it brings to bear in every case,” its website says.