Clint Elcan's 5 Tips for Startup Success

CrossFleet co-founder and CEO Clint Elcan has some advice for entrepreneurs looking to launch a startup. Here are his five tips for startup success:

Team Matters

Don’t try a startup alone. Look for people to partner with who have like-minded values and goals but with different skill sets and strengths. The tendency is to partner with those just like you, but the best teams have a common vision with distinctly different gifts and abilities of their members.

Get Feedback

We all know that a problem must be solved to create value, but it’s unlikely that our first draft of the solution will be our final product. A network of industry contacts and potential customers who will share thoughts and allow you to pivot your product is extremely valuable. You must have a solution that will begin the conversation, but feedback for ways to improve is critical early on.

Find a Mentor(s)

To have an experienced and seasoned mentor(s) through the startup is important. Look for someone with industry experience who can be trusted and will speak what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Some of our best ideas came from one-on-one time with mentors.

Be Passionate

Do what you were created to do. Have passion about your product, about your people and about your purpose. A deep desire for excellence in all areas of your business will overflow to all that you come into contact with. The “who” and “why” are just as important to the business model as the “what.”

Be Persistent

There will be highs and lows throughout the startup process. Don’t give up easily. Push forward in the face of adversity. Know what motivates you and stay on that course to the end. Perseverance produces character.