One Bank Selects Jim Schnoes as New Financial Officer

Did you know Little Rock’s One Bank & Trust has tapped a new chief financial officer?

Jim Schnoes, chief financial officer of FTJ Group LLC of Rogers and a former senior vice president at J.B. Hunt Transportation, was selected.

It’s all pending approval by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, of course.

You might recall that Schnoes (pronounced “Shnays”) initially was nominated to join the One Bank board as an outside director.

He remains a nominee for the board, but the role of CFO would make him an inside director.

All of this positions One Bank to be looking for three more outside directors to achieve its goal of six.

Back in January, we noted that Bob Nash, a political journeyman who rose to prominence during the Clinton administration, was set to join Paul Berry and Dr. James Pappas as an outside director.

Berry, on the One Bank board since 2001, and Pappas, a One Bank director for more than 25 years, are the only members of the board to survive the OCC purge.

We understand One Bank has made strides in rebuilding its capital base through recovery efforts that could boost capital up to $9 million to $10 million if everything goes to plan.

Equity capital at the $439.7 mil-lion-asset lender totaled about $22.8 million at year-end.