Mangan Holcomb Partners Tapped for $4.3M Health Connector Campaign

The state Insurance Department has announced its "anticipation to award" the $4.3 million Health Connector campaign to Mangan Holcomb Partners of Little Rock.

The department posted the notice on its website on Monday. You can download it here (PDF).

Mangan Holcomb Partners was one of three advertising, marketing and public relations agencies that made a final pitch for the project last week. The other two finalists were Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods and Stone Ward. Each agency is based in Little Rock.

A spokesman for Mangan Holcomb Partners declined comment. Insurance Department officials were unavailable late Monday.

The Insurance Department posted its 27-page request for proposals (PDF) on March 1, with an April 1 submission deadline. Agencies made presentations on April 17. The department planned to announce an "anticipation to award" Monday.

Per the RFP, the "anticipation to award" will be posted for 14 days before the contract is officially awarded, in line with state procurement policy (PDF).

The one-year contract, which has an option for up to six one-year extensions, will be part of the Arkansas Health Connector program. The AHC is the name of the department’s overall effort "to connect consumers, providers, issuers and businesses" with the resources to help them get insurance under exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act.

The Insurance Department envisions a "robust, organized, systematic, statewide outreach campaign to reach uninsured Arkansans with meaningful, understandable and helpful information regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace through media saturation."

The RFP describes contract dollars going to an effort that could include consumer research, public relations, media planning and placement, advertising, direct mail and social media.

Mangan Holcomb Partners' clients include the state Department of Arkansas Heritage, St. Vincent Health System, LeBonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Metropolitan National Bank of Little Rock.