LR Organization Aims To Help New Mothers

A new nonprofit based in Little Rock is offering support for women new to motherhood.

Moms Offering Moms Answers, known also as MoMA Inc., is an organization providing resources to new mothers as they adapt to the changes — structural, physical and emotional — that occur after their children are born.

MoMA’s creator and owner, Amber Bagby, is a full-time mother of three who founded the organization based on her own experiences. Her ultimate goal is to offer a sense of empowerment and stability through a supportive social network. MoMA meetings, which take place once a week for a six-week period, often tackle big picture topics or issues that accompany becoming a new mom. These sessions, which cost $15 per week, usually involve six to 10 individuals who have children between the ages of 2 weeks and 5 months.

The first portion of the program will focus on caring for infants and reacting to different behaviors. Later segments will shift to discussing change of environment and how relationships may be affected by the coming of a newborn.

Bagby said her biggest resource is Barefoot Yoga Studio, a Little Rock business owned by Breezy Osborne-Wingfield that serves as her meeting location.

“It is the ideal setting for my vision, not too stuffy or too formal,” she said. “Babies can cry [and] moms can nurse.”

Bagby is collaborating with Jennifer Paul, a physician at the Little Rock Pediatric Clinic. Paul, also a mother of three, will offer medical advice to mothers who may be worried about infant-related illnesses.

“The answers and advice when you are dealing with a sick baby needed to be consistent,” Bagby said. “I broke down four major areas of illnesses and Dr. Paul wrote up an essay of sorts for each category. She included symptoms, causes and potential concerns for fever, diarrhea, reflux and congestion. I never would have felt comfortable facilitating a discussion on these topics without her input.”

More information can be found by calling Moms Offering Moms Answers at (501) 352-4700 or visiting