AT&T Rated Best Carrier In Little Rock Area

If you’ve been watching cellphone commercials, you’ve probably wondered who really has the fastest speeds. RootMetrics, a data company in Bellevue, Wash., released a report last week comparing four major carriers’ performances in the Little Rock area.

The short version: AT&T was the general winner. On RootMetrics’ 100-point scale, AT&T scored 100 points. Verizon scored 94; Sprint, 85; and T-Mobile, 73.

RootMetrics measured three categories: Data, call and text. The company performed 16,367 call, data and text tests at all hours, indoors and outdoors, all across the metro area. The testers used Android smartphones purchased from carrier stores.

In the “data” category, AT&T was on top with a score of 101, which means the carrier exceeded the fast end of RootMetrics’ range. Verizon had 90 points; Sprint, 71; and T-Mobile, 51. AT&T’s average upload and download speeds were 13.1 Mbps and 20.5 Mbps. Sprint had the lowest with 0.7 and 0.9.

In the “call” category, AT&T scored 99 points; Verizon, 98; Sprint, 97; and T-Mobile, 89. Each of the three top carriers had call failure rates of less than 1 percent. Calls made using T-Mobile, on the other hand, failed 2.4 percent of the time.

All of the carriers scored high in the “text” category: AT&T had 99 points; Verizon and Sprint, 98; T-Mobile, 95.

Text messages were delivered in less than 10 seconds between 83.8 percent and 98.3 percent of the time, with T-Mobile at the low end and AT&T at the high end.

RootMetrics has created reports comparing carriers in more than 100 metro areas in the U.S. The reports are available at