Lindsey & Associates' 'Home' Real Estate Magazine Gets Makeover

Lindsey & Associates of Fayetteville hired Fayetteville marketing agency WhyteSpyder to revamp its quarterly listings magazine, Home, and to add a digital edition in an effort to further establish itself in the northwest Arkansas real estate market.

In addition, WhyteSpyder has developed an interactive digital component that will give real estate agents better feedback on which properties are attracting the most reader attention.

Assistant Marketing Director Lewel McCutheon said the firm’s website drew 33,000 unique visits and 1.3 million page views last month.

“That kind of traffic gives our listings an added value,” McCutheon said. “This [digital edition] is just the next step in our commitment to being the best.”

Home is a glossy publication that might soon feature up to 10 pages of ads among its 100 pages. Lindsey is distributing 15,000 copies at 364 locations in northwest Arkansas.

“We wanted to increase the professionalism of the publication by improving the quality of paper, the layout and the design,” principal broker John David Lindsey said. “Piggybacking on top of that was to give us a market advantage over our competition.”

Chris Bahn contributed to this report.