Jeff Stalnaker Moves From Data Collection to Privacy Protection

Jeff Stalnaker, a member of the class of 2003 at the age of 37, moved from high-tech data services firm Acxiom, which seeks to find out everything it can about people, to lead a high-tech startup, First Orion, which with its PrivacyStar smartphone application seeks to give people their privacy back. Stalnaker co-founded First Orion with former Acxiom CEO Charles Morgan.

In 2007, Stalnaker was touting an ID protection system offered by Acxiom and a Pennsylvania company, saying it “lets companies increase security and privacy while improving customer convenience.” By 2010, he was with Innovate Arkansas firm First Orion of Conway, whose PrivacyStar application lets users block unwanted calls, identify unknown callers and more. “Our primary driving strategy is providing consumers ultimate control over the phone — any phone, any time, any place,” Stalnaker said.