Acxiom Takes Notice of Website's Frequent Visitors

Here’s a tidbit that does little to alter Acxiom Corp.’s reputation as Little Rock’s resident Big Brother.

Your Whispers staff regularly visits the websites of major companies in the state, and Acxiom is certainly one of those. Evidently, this was noticed by the company’s sales machine, because we received this email from Michele Shannon, the company’s manager of sales development:

“I notice you have been spending a lot of time on our website recently.

“Perhaps your organization: = Arkansas Business Publishing Group would like to engage with our PR team to find out more information regarding Acxiom.

“I am introducing you to Wyatt Jefferies on the PR team — should you need to engage.”

When we asked her, Shannon said the email wasn’t automated and she indeed monitors people who frequently browse the site, reaching out when she thinks they might need help.

“Now that I know — you probably won’t hear from me — unless you fill in a ‘Contact Me’ form in the future,” Shannon said in another email.

So remember: Acxiom really is watching you.