'Hog Radio' Shifts to Afternoons for 'The Show' Starring Former Razorbacks

You may have noticed that “The Show” starring Pat Bradley and Clint Stoerner can now be heard in parts of northwest Arkansas.

Dan Storrs, general manager of KAKS-FM 99.5, “Hog Radio,” said the station has moved its former morning show, “The Zoo,” hosted by Nick Mason and Steve Weimer, to a 4-6 p.m. slot, and replaced them with Bradley and Stoerner’s show.

“The Show” is already broadcast in Little Rock, but Storrs said Hog Radio is the only way to hear the pair in the northwest part of the state.

“They’re pretty popular guys,” Storrs said of Bradley and Stoerner. “The best thing about it is, both guys have worn the uniform and people really enjoy listening to some details that other [hosts] can’t provide. They’ve been there and done that.”