Mike Beebe Supports Vince Insalaco As New Democratic Party Chairman

Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Will Bond said Wednesday that he's stepping down as chairman after two-and-a-half years on the job.

The party said Gov. Mike Beebe is supporting Vince Insalaco as Bond's successor.

"I can not thank Will Bond enough for his countless hours of service to our state and believe Vincent Insalaco will demonstrate strong leadership as chair of the DPA just as his predecessors have done," Beebe said in a news release.

"The progress our state has made can only continue by electing responsible leaders, and Vincent Insalaco will work to elect strong leaders who will continue an agenda focused on jobs and education."  

Will Bond was elected chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas on Feb. 12, 2011.

"After two and a half years serving as chair in a volunteer capacity, it is time for new leadership and time for me to consider other opportunities to serve Arkansas," Bond said. "I am excited to join with Gov. Beebe in supporting Vincent Insalaco as the next chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas."

Insalaco of North Little Rock has worked for Democratic candidates and causes for decades, working on campaigns for local, state, and national office.

"I have always believed in the principles of the Democratic Party of Arkansas like fighting for hard-working Arkansas families," he said. "I've worked to elect Arkansas Democrats - like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mike Beebe, Mark Pryor, and Mike Ross - who have always put women, children, and seniors first."

The next state committee meeting of party will be Sept. 14 at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center in Springdale.