Bill Clinton: Bruce Lindsey to Stay 'Intimately Involved' in Foundation

President Bill Clinton said Thursday that Bruce Lindsey, his longtime friend and adviser, was still playing a vital role in the Clinton Foundation, the global nonprofit that the two friends helped create.

Arkansas Business reported Monday on a leadership change at the foundation that had received little press attention: the naming of Eric Braverman as foundation CEO, a role that Lindsey originated. Lindsey, of Little Rock, remains at the foundation as chairman of the board and an adviser to Braverman.

Clinton, in a statement to Arkansas Business clarifying Lindsey's role, said that the naming of the new CEO was the result of the plan that he and Lindsey had devised to ensure the longevity and future growth of the foundation. The plan, Clinton said, included the search for a new chief, a search that Lindsey headed.

"Twelve years ago, I asked Bruce Lindsey to help me build the Clinton Foundation. I remain deeply grateful he said yes and today the Foundation works in over 70 countries," Clinton said in the statement. "Bruce has been directly involved in that growth while, at the same time, shepherding the growth and operations at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock."

Braverman previously worked at McKinsey & Co., a management consulting firm based in New York. The foundation also is based there, though the Clinton Presidential Center, a foundation initiative, is located in Little Rock.

"Two years ago he and I began the process of putting in place changes to sustain the Foundation into the future, including hiring a CEO based full-time in New York and naming Bruce Chairman of the Board. As he assumes his role as Chairman, Bruce will remain intimately involved in the governance of the Foundation and in helping to chart its future. This week, he and I are again in Africa doing something we both love — seeing the projects and meeting the people that are the backbone of the work we do at the Foundation."

The statement came as the former president was visiting Malawi and Lindsey was in Zambia.

A foundation spokesman said that Lindsey is as much involved in the work of the foundation as he ever has been.

The Clinton Foundation was listed in fifth place on last year's Arkansas Business list of the largest nonprofits in Arkansas. The foundation reported total assets of $195,231,000 at the end of 2012.

The former president's wife, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recently officially joined the foundation, prompting a name change for the nonprofit to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

The original news release announcing Braverman's hiring as CEO said Chelsea Clinton was vice chair of the board. A foundation spokesman said that Chelsea had always participated in the foundation's work but that she was getting more involved in its efforts.

The foundation works around the globe on health and wellness, economic development and environmental issues.