Arkansas Tech Opens $10.2M Residence Hall

A number of Arkansas Tech University students returning to Russellville for classes this month will move into the newly completed five-story M Street Residence Hall, which represents the most recent milestone in a multiple-year effort to revitalize the southwest corner of Arkansas Tech’s campus.

The 64,170-SF dormitory will be home to 290 residents, with female students living on evenly numbered floors and male students on odd ones.

Sam Strasner, director of university relations, said the M Street Residence Hall features a popular semiprivate bathroom arrangement with 10 bathrooms for each 58-person floor. Outside each bathroom is a sink, a vanity and a mirror that can be used while the bathroom is occupied.

AMR Architects Inc. of Little Rock received $657,000 for designing the dormitory, which Van Horn Construction Inc. of Russellville then built for $10.2 million. Construction began in October 2011.

The new dormitory shares a recreational green space with four other Arkansas Tech housing facilities that have recently been renovated. M Street, Critz, Hughes, Tucker and Wilson halls will house more than 700 students.

Arkansas Tech can now house 3,000 students, more than triple the number of students who lived there just 15 years ago, a university news release said.