Breezy Osborne Opens Second Yoga Studio in West Little Rock

Did you hear that Breezy Osborne has opened a second yoga studio?

Osborne, only child of the late businessman and philanthropist Jennings Osborne, opened her original Barefoot Studio in 2009 on 3515 Old Cantrell Road.

She announced to her customers in early August that the second would open Aug. 10 at 8501 Pinnacle Valley Road in west Little Rock. Classes were free for the first week after it opened. She also started a second Facebook page specifically for the new location.

Osborne told us that much of her clientele is located in west Little Rock and opening a studio in that part of town allowed them more convenience.

“We always wanted to expand,” she added.

Osborne said that she has hired some new teachers and will herself be teaching in west Little Rock during the day and in Riverdale in the evening.

“I wanted to make sure that I’m a part of both studios,” she said. “I think it’s important that as an owner I get to know who the customers are.”

The studios are her passion, she said.

“Half the time it really doesn’t even feel like a job,” she said. “I’m a firm believer, especially these days, that if you wake up not wanting to go into your job, that maybe you should think twice.

“I don’t say that lightheartedly: I’ve had jobs I despised, that I didn’t want to go in and do, so I’ve been to both spectrums.”