CaseStack Family Initiatives Enriches Life

The employees have spoken.

CaseStack, the logistics outsourcing company based in Fayetteville, has a number of state-of-the-art systems in place to make customers happy. And from flexible work schedules to accessible managers, the company has a system for keeping employees happy as well.

The initiatives have helped make CaseStack an Arkansas Business Best Places to Work honoree.

“We are extremely proud to be a recipient of this award,” said CaseStack Vice President of Sales and Marketing Colby Beland. “Especially the fact that it’s in the inaugural opportunity. It just speaks highly of what our employees think of CaseStack and what we hope our employees think of CaseStack at the same time.”

CaseStack allows employees the time to deal with family needs, offers maternity leave, recognizes birthdays and anniversaries in a number of ways (including throwing in a free lottery ticket) and invites immediate family members to corporate events.

Baseball outings and “Poor Man’s Fridays” — once a month get-togethers with colleagues for food and fun — are also in the mix. There is a wellness topic of the month as well as employee assistance programs and time management and financial assistance workshops.

“Obviously work is important,” Beland said. “Family and life are even more important and there are situations that arise and employees need to work from home. Employees need to run off and take a kid to the doctor and pick him up from school, whatever it may be; volunteering for community service and taking the time to do that.”

CaseStack also has sustainability initiatives that the employees are embracing without much prompting.

“One of the principals of the company is sustainability and trying to be green,” Beland said. “And so everything that we do in the office from purchasing of supplies to energy efficiency type equipment to recycling programs, we try to get our employees to participate and take a sense of ownership in the sustainability initiatives in the services we offer to our customers.”

Tail Great

There is nothing like bonding over a meal. CaseStack takes that to heart.

Every two weeks the company puts together a lunch at its Fayetteville headquarters, though the meal has a bit of a twist in that the responsibility for the food prep rotates among the departments.

“At the beginning of the year we assign weeks that a department cooks for everybody else in the company,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing Coby Beland said. “And we get together and eat together as a company in the cafeteria or breakroom.”

With the University of Arkansas nearby, Beland said the meals take on the semblance of cookoff during football season.

“It definitely gets competitive,” he said. “And it gets more competitive during Razorback football season when we base it on the pregame tailgate party.”