KATV Channel 7 Leads Household Ratings

KATV-TV, Channel 7, continued to stay ahead of its Little Rock competitors for July’s Nielsen household ratings of local newscasts.

The data comes from Nielsen Media Research of New York.

Year-over-year, KATV lost 0.2 of a ratings point for its “Daybreak Early” program at 5 a.m. and 3.6 percentage points in its share of viewership in that slot.

KTHV-TV, Channel 11, while still remaining behind in that slot, gained 1.7 rating points, putting it just 0.2 behind KATV, and its share rose from 13.1 percent in 2012 to 24.8 in 2013.

KATV stayed on top at each of its other news slots except noon, where KTHV jumped up to 5.2, surpassing KATV’s 4.3.

“I’m very pleased with the July numbers,” said Nick Genty, news director at KATV.

Genty said he was particularly happy with the station’s 10 p.m. news, which drew an 8.7 rating and a 20.3 percent share, as compared to KTHV’s 7.1 and KARK-TV, Channel 4’s 5.1.

From sign-on to sign-off, KTHV was tied with KATV, where both had a rating of 3.0 and a share of 11.9 percent. KARK’s rating in this slot was 2.1 and it had a share of 8.4 percent.


For the most part, KATV won out in households, but in a release KTHV noted that it held a slight advantage in some of its demographics, particularly for viewers ages 25-54.

From sign-on to sign-off, Monday through Friday, KTHV’s average rating for that demographic was 1.7 and it held a 12.3 percent share, while KATV had an average rating of 1.2 with a 9.2 percent share.

Other slots where KTHV had the top rating in that demographic included 5 to 7 a.m. and noon. Its 10 p.m. news program was a tenth of a rating point behind KATV.

In the release, KTHV News Director Dave Parker said the station is working on the quality of its programming.

“We’re making deliberate steps to improve the quality of our product,” he said. “We’ve developed and added support to our news gathering and reporter base. The iPhone, iPad and Android apps are full of fresh content available as news happens. Our entire team is excited to see that Arkansans are counting on THV 11 News on the air as well as through the convenience of their mobile devices.”

KARK and jointly managed KLRT-TV, Channel 16, do not subscribe to Nielsens’ rating service, so their staffs cannot comment on them.

Each Nielson household rating point represents 1 percent of 561,760 households in the market across 36 Arkansas counties. Each household share point represents 1 percent of the number of homes with TVs tuned into a station at a given time.

Weekday News Numbers
Household Rating/Share for May

5 a.m.
KATV 3.4/26.5 3.4/30.1 +0/-3.6
KTHV 3.2/24.8 1.5/13.1 +1.7/+11.7
KARK 1.6/12.7 1.8/15.8 -0.2/-3.1
6 a.m.      
KATV 5.3/25.8 6.5/32.9 -1.2/-7.1
KTHV 4.6/22.2 2.5/12.7 +2.1/+9.5
KARK 2.3/11.3 3.6/18.3 -1.3/-7
11:30 a.m.      
KATV 3.3/12.6 3.8/14.5 -0.5/-1.9
KTHV 5.2/18.7 4.7/16.6 +1.5/+2.1
KARK 4.3/15.5 4.4/15.5 -0.1/+0
5 p.m.      
KATV 10.6/26.2 11.3/27.4 -0.7/-1.2
KARK 7.2/17.9 6.1/14.8 +1.1/3.1
KTHV 5.3/13.3 4.2/10.2 +1.1/+3.1
5:30 p.m.      
KLRT 1.4/3.2 2.0/4.6 -0.6/-1.4
6 p.m.      
KATV 13.2/28.5 13.5/28.9 -0.3/-0.4
KTHV 5.4/11.6 4.2/9.0 +1.2/+2.6
KARK 5.0/10.8 4.9/10.6 +0.1/+0.2
9 p.m.      
KLRT 4.2/8.4 5.1/10.7 -0.9/-2.3
10 p.m.      
KATV 8.7/20.3 8.8/21.9 -0.1/-1.6
KTHV 7.1/16.6 5.2/12.9 +1.9/+3.7
KARK 5.1/11.8 4.9/12.3 +0.2/-0.5

Source: Nielsen Media Research