St. Vincent Concierge Service Aims for Hospitable Stays

In reporting our cover story about hospital amenities and their importance in attracting patients, we learned from Chad Aduddell, president of St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, that the hospital had recently launched a concierge service, which sounds so spiffy we had to share.

“Everybody’s got the birthing suites; everybody’s got flat-screens,” Aduddell said. But concierge service? That’s something special.

He described it thusly: “If you come through our front door, you’re greeted by something similar to what a lot of high-end hotels have, which is a concierge representative who can really just be there to assist you with finding your way around health care systems.

“Hospitals are complicated and complex to navigate, so we have multiple people dressed very professionally in suits who are there to greet you and help you navigate our system from the time you walk through our front door.”