Bo Ryall Expands on Medical Staff Expansions

Bo Ryall, president and CEO of the Arkansas Hospital Association, gave us so much content that we had to cut some from his Executive Q&A (found here.)

Here are some more nuggets:

• We asked if Ryall was seeing hospitals adding more doctors to their staffs. He is, especially in urban areas.

“Payers are changing their reimbursement model to focus on care coordination through the use of more episodic care and bundled payments,” he said. “These reimbursement changes incentivize integration of physicians and hospitals. The coordination of care between the physician and the hospital is of great benefit to the patient and the quality of care.”

He said some doctors are also moving to hospitals simply because the health care market is in such an uncertain position, making it riskier to run a practice.

• On the issue of how to make health care costs more transparent, Ryall said it was complicated.

Hospitals, insurance carriers and health care providers have numerous contracts for different services and insurance companies have different levels of plans.

“Because of multiple payers and the inability to know the overall health of an individual or an individual’s exact insurance coverage, it is impossible to give an exact quote on a website of an individual patient’s responsibility on the front end,” he said.