Business Meetings Manage Makeovers (From the Editor)

Times change, and therefore so do ways of making a good first impression.

In this fast-paced world, with evolving technology at our fingertips, we continue to find new ways to make important business contacts and put our best foot forward in a limited amount of time.

In this edition of Arkansas Business Meeting Planner we take a look at how some tried and true staples of the business meeting, from business cards to introductory pitches, are getting a makeover. Also getting a new look are some established venues within the state, and we’ll let you know what’s new and different at some of these well-known and popular locations.

Do you ever wonder if your business card goes straight into a drawer and never gets a second glance? Some innovations are providing a new twist on this established method of exchanging information, and you can read how things like QR codes and vCards are helping to maximize information sharing at short notice.

It seems everyone is pressed for time these days, and many people aren’t able to sit still for a 90-minute presentation. Perhaps the quick hitting “elevator pitch” is what you are looking for. Find out how you can make an effective presentation in the time it takes to get from the lobby to the top floor, and you don’t even need an elevator to make it happen.

Looking for a place to hold your annual meeting or retreat? From Little Rock to Hot Springs to Mena, renovations have been made or are underway at some well-known venues. Find out what icnonic sites have had a facelift and see if they might be what your company is looking for.

If you want to stay closer to home, as always in this guide we provide a comprehensive listing of meeting spaces throughout the state to help you find nearby venues, at the size and with the amenities you are seeking.

We also round up catering services and, for those downtimes between your meeting sessions, we let you know what attractions are nearby that might be perfect for a company outing.

We always welcome your ideas, suggestions and recommendations. Feel free to contact me at or call (501) 372-1443. If you have additions, changes or corrections, please contact Roxanne Jones at

We hope this year’s Meeting Planner helps your next meeting to be a full-scale success.


Todd L. Traub