Video: Mary Steenburgen Talks to CBS News From South on Main Restaurant

In case you missed it, here's Arkansas native and "friend of Bill" Mary Steenburgen talking to "CBS Sunday Morning" about her career, her latest film and her new love, songwriting. The video, which debuted this morning, includes segments taped at South on Main restaurant in Little Rock, of which she and husband Ted Danson are partial owners.

The restaurant is special to Steenburgen for several reasons:

She and Danson recently invested in a restaurant in Little Rock called South on Main, celebrating both Southern food and Southern literature.

"We were going to have nothing much to do with it," said Danson, "and then, here were are, co-owners. But that's the whirlwind of creativity that is Mary."

It's run by Steenburgen's niece, Amy, and her husband, Mat Bell. It was in this very space some three decades ago where Steenburgen struck up a friendship that endures to this day -- Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Through thick and thin, she's been by their side ever since.

You can read the full story here.

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