Lyon College Gets $3M in Title III Funding

Lyon College of Batesville said this week that it will receive more than $3 million in U.S. Department of Education "Title III" funding to help students with federal aid and other support services.    

Lyon is one of six institutions in the country to receive the "Title III, Part F" funding and the only private college among them.

Lyon said it will use the money to expand and develop its supplemental instruction program, which provides peer-to-peer support for students in classes with historically high failure rates.

"The grant will help support our further development of such programs as freshman seminar supporting college success, and it will underwrite faculty travel to conferences and participation in on-campus workshops on pedagogy and best practices with low-income, first-generation students,” said Virginia Wray, vice president for academic services and dean of the faculty.

"Lyon is committed to Arkansas achieving Gov. Mike Beebe’s goal of doubling college attainment by 2025. The first step in higher graduation and achievement rates is retention," said said.  

The grant will also allow Lyon to hire professionals in student retention, institutional research, and student engagement. It said the new staff will lead activities and programs to increase retention, student engagement and data-based decision-making.

Lyon also will join the John Gardner Institute's "Foundations of Excellence" program, building an action plan to increase student success, retention and completion rates. And the grant will help fund a scholarship endowment for low income, first generation students.

The Title III grant budget period began Oct. 1 and will conclude Sept. 30, 2018.