Sweet Creations by DJ Offers Engraved Chocolates

Sweet Creations by DJ in Perryville had been making custom cakes since 1980, but the business changed its focus to engraving chocolate after a run-in with dental equipment.

Jeannie Baldridge, the co-owner of Sweet Creations and a dental surgical nurse, was inspired by some new equipment that had just arrived at the dentist’s office where she worked.

“I woke up one morning,” she said, “and told my husband, ‘We’re going into the chocolate business.’”

A year later, Jeannie and her husband, Dale, are making their own chocolate, engraving it and sending it throughout the state and country.

Jeannie worked with her brother, an electrical engineer, to retool the dental machinery. After running their first engraving machine from a bedroom in their house, Jeannie and Dale built their own shop and now have several machines dedicated to engraving sweets.

Funding the venture with their own savings, they’ve grown their online presence through their website, SweetCreationsByDJ.com, as well as their Facebook account. Their focus has paid off as online sales have increased.

Still, Jeannie and Dale rely on the personal touch. They make a sampling of chocolate goods, usually including an engraved business card, and give them to local businesses to show what’s possible. As Jeannie said, “It looks good on Facebook, but it looks really good in person.”