Arkansas Soybean Association Names Big Bushel Winners

• The Arkansas Soybean Association in Little Rock recently announced the winners of the 2013 Grow for the Green Soybean Yield Contest and the Race for 100 winners. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three in each division at the ASA’s annual meeting in Stuttgart on Jan. 28. Both contests are administered by the ASA in cooperation with the University of Arkansas’ Division of Agriculture in Little Rock.

The Grow for the Green contest fields eight categories, seven of which are based on the highest soybean yield, with a minimum of 60 bushels per acre, for specific geographic regions in Arkansas. The eighth category encompasses the entire state but specifies non-GMO soybeans.

  • In Division One, the northeast Delta, Garrett and Kenny Qualls of Lake City placed first with 85.9 bushels per acre, followed by Mike Hook at 83.835 and Casey Hook at 83.725 (all of Lake City).
  • Division Two, the northeast, was won by Blake Goodman of Corning with 88.369 bushels per acre, followed by Brad French in O’Kean (Randolph County) with 85.692 and Bruce Catt of Corning at 85.404.
  • Drew Haigwood of Newport took first in Division Three, the White River Basin, with 90.456 bushels per acre. Perry Galloway of Gregory (Woodruff County) took second with 89.627, followed by Charles Galloway of Augusta at 81.701.
  • In Division Four, central and Grand Prairie, Dow Brantley of England won with 94.342 bushels per acre. S&D Farm Partnership and Brian Roth of Stuttgart took second and third with 92.157 and 90.362, respectively.
  • Division Five, the east-central Delta, was won by Kotton Guest of Holly Grove with 93.197 bushels per acre. Blake Culp of Marvell followed with 91.569, and Mike Taylor Jr. of Helena took third with 89.468.
  • Robert Paul Dunavant Jr. of Lake Village placed first in Division Six, the southeast Delta, with 99.807 bushels per acre. Matt and Lisa Fortenberry of Lake Providence, La., won second with 99.208, followed by Earl Bennett of Lake Village with 98.567.
  • Cameron Southard of Atkins won Division Seven, the western region, with 98.185 bushels per acre.
  • The non-GMO category was won by Jason Smith of Watson (Desha County), with 83.957 bushels per acre.

Special recognition goes to Robert Dunavant Jr., Matt Fortenberry and Earl Bennett, who will receive additional funds for yields placing them in first, second and third in the overall production for the Grow for the Green Contest.

The Race for 100 recognized farmers who achieved yields of more than 100 bushels per acre. Matt and Sherrie Kay Miles of McGehee took first place with 107.634. Eddie Tackett of Atkins came in second with 104.832, and Nelson Crow of Dumas took third with 100.767.


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