Dr. Trent Pierce Receives Judgment Against Bomber Randeep Mann

A Crittenden County Circuit judge recently ruled in favor of Dr. Trent Pierce, the former Arkansas State Medical Board chairman, against the doctor who nearly killed him in a 2009 bombing.

Judge Pamela B. Honeycutt will rule at a later date how much money Pierce and his wife, Melissa, are due from Randeep Mann, who was sentenced to life in prison for the attack that left Pierce with partial loss of hearing and sight in one eye.

At the time of the bombing, Pierce and the medical board were critical of Mann, who was accused of over-prescribing medications that led to the deaths of 10 of his patients.

"This ruling is a huge victory for Dr. and Mrs. Pierce, and brings them closer to obtaining the compensation they deserve," their attorney, Robert M. Cearley Jr. of Little Rock, said in a statement released Wednesday.

The Pierces sued Mann in Crittenden County in January 2010 for civil conspiracy and assault and battery.

On Dec. 6, Honeycutt ruled in favor of the Pierces' motion for partial summary judgment, ruling that Mann's federal felony convictions allowed them to recover money for both their actual damages and damages meant to punish Mann for the injuries he caused.