NanoMech Plans New Headquarters in Springdale

NanoMech announced Wednesday that it has purchased its existing factory in Springdale and will build an adjoining 25,000-SF headquarters. The new, $10 million project will add 25-50 new jobs, the company said.

"The space will also allow us to meet current demand for our products while advancing ongoing research and development efforts," NanoMech CEO Jim Phillips said in a news release. "This state-of-the-art, smart manufacturing facility and laboratories will further position our products and scientists as some of the best and most innovative in the world."

The company said the new factory will incorporate "cutting edge assembly lines, laboratories, and the latest in security, environmental, and safety systems for handling advanced manufacturing, military, and strategic projects," and will include a secure wall and security fencing enclosing the campus. 

The new facility will connect to the existing NanoMech building. NanoMech has purchased the adjacent 7.3-acre tract for future development. 

"This advanced facility will allow us to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative products that people have only dreamed of before,” said Ajay Malshe, NanoMech Founder and CTO. "Aggressive demand for our technology suggests the need for rapid scale-up production to meet government and private sector orders for our breakthrough products."

Founded in 2002, NanoMech makes products including nGlide, which aids machine lubrication, and TuffTek, a coating used on cutting tools.

NanoMech chose Fayetteville firm Miller Boskus Lack Architects, P.A., to design the project. Construction is expected to begin in a few weeks with completion scheduled for summer.