Powers of Arkansas Delivers Punch to Prince with Sales Staff Exodus

Here’s one way to beat your competition: Hire them.

That seems to be the case with Powers of Arkansas, a commercial heating and air company in Little Rock that employs around 120. You may remember its name from 2010’s Arkansas Business of the Year, where it won in category III (76-300 employees).

CEO Alan Hope told us that he had been searching for a sales force for the past three years.

“We didn’t have the sales to really make the impact we wanted,” Hope said.

But John Prince Co. of Little Rock, one of Hope’s main competitors, had a sales force that was performing pretty much the service Hope needed. So Hope hired them.

Around 10 of them to be exact, and they now work for Powers of Arkansas with titles like director of air distribution sales and director of HVAC equipment sales.

Hope feels his move started a “chain reaction” among his competitors.

“Everybody is changing the way they’re doing business; they’re changing who they represent and how they go to market,” he said. “There’s quite the turmoil in the business here.”

In the meantime, Hope said John Prince Co. will have to “rebuild” if it’s going to continue competing with Powers of Arkansas.

CEO John Prince himself was not available for comment as of press time.