Watch The '60 Minutes' Report on Data Brokers Here

CBS News' "60 Minutes" aired a report Sunday on the data brokers who are mining the Internet for your personal information.

While Acxiom Corp. of Little Rock is named in the report, its executives declined to comment for the story. Led by reporter Steve Krofit, the story looked at how marketers like Acxiom and other firms compile data gleaned from websites -- including the CBS site -- about consumers buying habits and other personal information.

As the report notes, it's the type of stuff marketers have been doing for years, but the Internet has exponentially added to the universe of a data that's available, and most consumers are unaware of what information is being collected and how it's being used.

Bryan Kennedy, chairman and CEO of data broker Epsilon, did comment for the story. Kennedy sees a lot of political theater in Congress' recent hearings into his company, Acxiom and others.

"If there are abuses out there, we don't believe those happen within our company," he said. "And we would be the first to raise our hand and say if there are specific uses of data that are problematic, then the government should focus on those particular uses of data."

You can watch the complete segment above.

Despite not participating in the story, Acxiom has been sensitive to Congress' investigations and the possibility of regulation. Last year, it launched, a website that allows people to look up what information the company has collected on them. As of December, 500,000 people had accessed the site.