Jeff Rand Asks for Mulligan on Plea Deal

Did you know that Jeff Rand, former oil and gas entrepreneur, is trying to undo his plea agreement that resulted in a 57-month sentence for mail fraud?

Cutting to the core of the 28-page filing, Rand appears to be claiming he wouldn’t have signed the plea agreement if he had known the judge could sentence him to 57 months.

Along the way, Rand claims he was forced into the plea agreement in the first place because his attorney was ill-prepared to go to trial to prove his alleged innocence.

Rand, 50, also claims his court-appointed attorney failed to present readily available evidence that could’ve significantly reduced the sentencing guidelines. This revolves around an alleged miscalculation of financial loss to the victims.

Rand apparently didn’t read the plea agreement he signed and claims his court-appointed attorney misinformed him about its terms.

Rand implies he thought he was signing a plea deal that involved something on the order of a misdemeanor charge and with probated sentence, instead of one felony count of mail fraud with some prison time.

Rand was indicted on five counts of securities fraud and 20 counts of mail fraud on March 5, 2008. He entered his guilty plea on June 28, 2011, and was sentenced in Hot Springs on Aug. 30, 2012.

Rand, whose father, Tony, and four brothers also pleaded guilty to their own oil and gas investment frauds, resides at the Federal Correctional Institution at Sheridan, Oregon.

You might recall that earlier this year, James Van Doren asked to withdraw his guilty plea to one count of money laundering for Brandon Barber.

Van Doren claims he was pressured into signing the plea deal and wants to fight at trial the original charges that included bankruptcy and wire fraud. He is awaiting sentencing.