University of Arkansas Projects $89.2M Athletics Budget

The University of Arkansas athletic department is projecting $89.2 million in revenue for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

That is up 9.6 percent from $80.6 million projected last year, and up 15.2 percent from 75.6 million projected in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Among the top revenue projections are $35.4 million from ticket sales, including $27 million from football, $6.4 million in men's basketball and $1.9 million in baseball.

More: Download the budget summary here (PDF).

Other revenue projections include $25 million from conference and NCAA distribution, $14 million in gifts and donations, $6.6 million in multimedia rights and sponsorships, $3.2 million in trademark licensing, $2 million in concessions and merchandise sales and $1.5 million in postseason reimbursements.

Projections for conference and NCAA distribution are up $4.5 million from last year, while gift and donation projections are up $1.1 million. 

Football ticket sale projections were up $500,000. The projected revenue has fluxuated between $26.5 million and $28.9 million in the past three years.

While other ticket sale projects remained the same, baseball projections were up $50,000.

Among the top expenditures are $21.3 million for football, $9.9 million for debt service, $7.1 million for men's basketball, $3.9 million for utilities and another $3.9 million for facilities. Also above the million-dollar mark for expenditures are $3.2 million for women's basketball, $2.6 million for baseball, $2.3 million for men's track and $2 million for women's track.

Facilities and utilities costs are also projected at $3.9 million each. Administration costs project at $2.7 million, and academic support projections come in at $1.6 million.

Football, at $5.6 million, is the only sport projected to earn a profit. Women's basketball is projected to lose $3.2 million. Typically, most sports do not generate profits and are funded by football and other streams of revenue, like gifts and donations.