Acxiom CEO Scott Howe's Salary Tops $5 Million in Fiscal 2013

Scott Howe was paid $5.1 million as CEO of Acxiom Corp. in fiscal 2014, which ended March 31 — an increase of almost $300,000 from the previous year, mostly in the form of stock and stock options.

Howe's compensation and that of four other named executive officers was revealed in the data miner's annual proxy statement filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission on June 20.

The proxy also announced that the annual shareholders meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Aug. 7 at the company's headquarters in downtown Little Rock.

Only three routines proposals are on the agenda: the re-election of three board members (Howe, Timothy R. Cadogan and William Dillard II); approval of the executive compensation policy; and renewing the company's contract with outside auditors at KPMG LLC.

Howe's total compensation included base salary of $650,000, a $12,500 increase over fiscal 2013, plus $2.71 million worth of stock and options valued at almost $920,000, and a cash incentive of $838,500.

Warren C. Jenson, the chief financial officer and executive vice president, was paid a base salary of $485,412 — up from $450,000 the previous year — plus $904,801 worth of stock, $306,855 worth of stock options and a cash incentive of $560,000. With $8,025 in "other compensation," his total compensation topped $2.26 million.

Chief Revenue Officer and EVP Nada C. Stirratt received total compensation of $2.13 million, down $46,000 from the previous year. Her base salary rose to $507,081 from $500,000, but her stock awards, options and cash incentive ($630,000) were all slightly lower than in fiscal 2013.

EVP Phil L. Mui, chief product and engineering officer, received total compensation of $1.75 million. That was down from almost $2.43 million the previous year, when he had been paid a $100,000 signing bonus but less than a full year's salary because he joined Acxiom in May 2012. Mui's base salary was $390,618 and his cash incentive was $375,000.

EVP Jerry C. Jones, chief ethics and legal officer, received total compensation of $1.13 million, up almost exactly $100,000 from fiscal 2013. His base salary was $390,618 and his cash incentive was $330,000. Jones also realized $3.83 million by exercising stock options during the most recent fiscal year.