Cable Plow / Bore Rig Operator

Company: Holtger Bros., Inc

Updated: 5/8/2013


The Equipment Operator is responsible for performing Utility Work/Labor duties as well as responsible for operating construction equipment in order to install underground cable. The Equipment Operator is responsible for performing shore, slop trench and excavation when necessary. Other duties include unloading and loading equipment, digging holes and locating existing utilities, preparing cable routes, feeding cable, securing the job site, placing signs where directed and completing various other tasks as assigned by the Foreman. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS A) Operate various equipment in placing cable and conduit (boring rig, cable trencher/plow, backhoe, box pusher, tamper) B) Perform shoring, slope trenching or excavation when necessary C) Identify various soil types D) Work around located utilities E) Expose existing utilities by hand-digging F) Read prints for cable placement and consult with Foreman regarding different approaches to job. Read CATV and telephone prints G) Report equipment problems to Foreman QUALIFICATIONS A) Must have a valid, insurance acceptable drivers license B) Must be able to successfully pass pre-employment drug test C) Must have one to two years in utility construction D) Must have solid work references E) Must have the ability to perform hard physical labor F) Must match HBI's outlined working styles G) Must have a Class A CDL

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