Family Service Worker

Company: Arkansas Department of Human Services

Updated: 3/6/2014


The Family Service Worker is responsible for providing protective foster care and supportive services for abused or neglected children. This Position: - Investigates suspected child abuse and neglect complaints by making on-site visits, securing background information, and interviewing parties involved. - Discusses investigative findings and observations with supervisor and recommends the opening of protective services, foster care, or supportive services cases. - Intervenes in crisis situations, removes the child from the home if the situation is life threatening, and arranges for temporary placement in foster homes, group homes, or treatment facilities. - Develops a case plan to establish goals, objectives, tasks and time frames for all parties involved in case. - Provides counseling and guidance to clients in defining their needs, interests, and courses of action and refers clients to other professionals, agencies, services, or community resources appropriate to clients' problems. - Recruits and trains families, conducts home studies and family assessments to determine appropriate child placements, and visits clients and/or foster parents on a regular basis to monitor progress toward case objectives. - Documents all case work activities and developments and prepares court reports for custody hearings and presents testimony when necessary. - Performs other duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS The formal education equivalent of a bachelor's degree in social work, sociology, psychology, or a related field; plus successful completion of a six month training class within agency core training period. Position Number: 22151096 Closing date: March 1, 2014 APPLY ONLINE AT HTTP://WWW.ARSTATEJOBS.COM