Grants Analyst

Company: Arkansas Department of Human Services

Updated: 3/10/2014


The Grants Analyst is responsible for applying professional level skills and has specific program knowledge as it relates to area of assignment. This position: - Provides technical assistance to grantees regarding grant applications, grant modifications, progress reports and budgets. - Prepares and submits grant application to applicable federal agencies. - Conducts grant related workshops and meetings. - Develops, implements and analyzes grant program related goals and objectives. - Prepares annual and biennial budgets, project incomes, ensures sufficient appropriations for grant awards, and analyzes expenditure reports. - Prepares detailed reports of actions taken in grant programs to provide information to funding sources to ensure compliance with grant requirements. - Plans and conducts grant training programs; prepares and updates grant guidance manual for use by personnel, which explains policies and procedures. - Develops, analyzes, and reviews grant reports, and analyzes data. - Develops reporting systems and monitoring methods to measure program effectiveness and to ensure that grant programs are in compliance with state and federal laws, and monitors grant projects for compliance with state and federal regulations. - Performs other duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS The formal education equivalent of a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field; plus two years of professional level grants experience in area of assignment. Position numbers: 22102546 Closing date: March 8, 2014 APPLY ONLINE AT HTTP://WWW.ARSTATEJOBS.COM