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Acxiom Corp.

Acxiom Corp. of Little Rock is an information management services company, creating software and services to help clients store and use customer information. Clients include financial institutions and direct mail services.

Acxiom was founded by Charles Ward in 1969 in Conway as Demographics. By 1978 it had built the industry's first marketing database; 10 years later it became Acxiom.

Key products include AbiliTec, which can combine all records about an individual or business from several databases, and Personicx, a marketing tool that tracks the demographic makeup of households.

After a period of uncertainty following a collapsed $3 billion deal to go private, the company named John Meyer as its new CEO. Meyer took over for long-time CEO, or "company leader," Charles Morgan in February 2008. Morgan retired.

In March 2011, Acxiom announced Meyer's departure and said its CFO, Christopher Wolf, would also be leaving the company. Acxiom appointed board member Jerry Gramaglia as interim CEO. It said it would search for a new CEO skilled in digital media.

In July 2011, Acxiom named Scott Howe, a former Microsoft executive, as its new CEO. By the end of the year, Howe had begun sharpening the company's focus on a few core products and hiring more executives from the digital realm, including those with backgrounds at prominent firms like AOL and Myspace.

2006 Newsmaker of the Year
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Interview with former CEO Charles Morgan:
Click here to listen to an interview with Charles Morgan, conducted in December 2006. You can also right-click to save the MP3 to your desktop. 100 MB, 54 mins.)

Announcement of deal to go private:
Former CEO Charles Morgan held a May 2007 news conference announcing a $3 billion deal to go private. Click here to listen to audio of the full news conference. It's about 23 minutes long.

Video of John Meyer's appointment as CEO:
Click here for video of Acxiom's announcement of John Meyer as its new CEO in January 2008.

Interview with CEO John Meyer
Click here to read a July 2007 interview with John Meyer, who talks about the firm's new focus and organization.

On Scott Howe
A July 2011 news story on Acxiom naming Scott Howe as CEO, and an interview with Scott Howe.

On Acxiom's business model
A November 2011 cover story on Acxiom's business model, its products and services.

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