Arkansas Times

The Arkansas Times is a weekly alternative newspaper based in Little Rock. It was founded in 1978 and had a 2011 circulation of 25,890.

Once a monthly magazine, the Times switched to a weekly newspaper format after the Arkansas Democrat bought the assets of Gannett's Arkansas Gazette in 1991. The deal combined the publications into what is now the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Arkansas' only statewide daily newspaper.

Max Brantley was among the former Gazette staffers who lost their jobs as a result of the merger. He joined the Arkansas Times as editor. The Gazette's renowned editorial cartoonist, George Fisher, became the Times' cartoonist until his death.

Billed as Arkansas's "weekly newspaper of politics and culture," the Times is noted for its opinion columnists and feature articles that take a liberal stance in comparison to the Democrat-Gazette.

Since its founding, the publication's parent company — Arkansas Times Limited Partnership — has produced special inserts and associated publications, including the weekly Arkansas Times AutoBuyer, which circulates separately, and El Latino, a Spanish language weekly. It also produces the Native's Guide to Pulaski County, a comprehensive guide to communities and services in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas's most populous county.

The Times has found success online with its Arkansas Blog, led by Brantley, who is now senior editor. The Times' current editor is Lindsey Millar.

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