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Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies

Founded in 1989, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies was founded in Texas but made its way to Springdale in 1997. 

AERT is a publicly traded company that manufactures wood and plastic building products. It uses recycled polyethylene plastic in the manufacture of composite building materials such as decks, and has developed technology that allows it to sort plastic waste by chemical composition so that it can be separated, processed and made into useful resin compounds.

AERT was ranked No. 11 in the 2012 Arkansas Business list of Arkansas public companies based on net income. In 2010, AERT saw total revenue of $69.8 million which represented a net loss for the year of $5.9 million. Its total assets were listed at $53.5 million.

AERT’s initial manufacturing facility was opened in 1989 just outside Junction, Texas. For decades that area had been known for its production of cedar oil that is used in furniture polish and many other applications. AERT located its first manufacturing plant near several of the cedar oil mills to take advantage of the abundant supply of cedar fiber.

The initial products manufactured at the Junction plant won wide acclaim for their durability, far surpassing conventional wood in their ability to withstand the ravages of rot, termites and harsh environments. 

In 1989 AERT became one of the first plastic recycling companies to successfully complete an Initial Public Offering of stock and become listed on the NASDAQ exchange (AERT). 

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