QualChoice of Arkansas Inc.

QualChoice of Arkansas Inc. of Little Rock was originally formed in 1994 by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as a third-party administrator.

Today it is a health insurance company that operates a provider network, administers corporate benefits and markets health care insurance and other ancillary coverage.


The company has 180 employees spread through its five subsidiaries, and it had premium revenue of $150 million in 2010. 


But the business is expected to grow with the advent of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act — federal health care reform — and not just because more Arkansans will be required to carry health insurance.


“We will be changing from a traditional health insurance company in which money comes in and money goes out,” COO Haley Wilson said in 2012, “to a health management company, where we’re not only providing insurance but we’re also providing the means and tools for our members to be able to manage their health.”


In 2012, the company won the Arkansas Business of the Year Award for Category III.

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