Arvest Bank Group

Arvest Bank of Fayetteville is the largest bank in Arkansas with 2010 assets of $11.5 billion. It employs more than 500 people and operates more than 230 locations throughout Arkansas and in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

With the 1986 acquisition of McIlroy Bank and Trust in Fayetteville, Arvest can trace a charter back to 1871. But Arvest itself was established in 1961 with the purchase of the Bank of Bentonville and acquisition two years later of a bank in Pea Ridge.

The Walton family is believed to own a combined stake of 96 percent of the company. Jim Walton, son of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. founder Sam Walton, is chairman of the board for Arvest, whose top executive is Kevin Sabin.

Arvest operates in 16 locally managed markets, each with its own president, management team and board of directors. The majority of Arvest's branches are open 12 hours a day during the week and many are open on Saturdays as well.

In addition to being Arkansas' largest bank, Arvest operates the most banking locations in Oklahoma.

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