Entergy Arkansas

Entergy Arkansas is the largest power provider in the state, serving 695,000 residential, commercial, industrial and government customers in 63 counties in central, northeast and southeast Arkansas.

Residential customers account for about 84 percent of Entergy Arkansas clients.

Entergy Arkansas reported 2010 revenue of roughly $1.7 billion and sold about 30.7 million KWH of electricity. Led by CEO Hugh McDonald, it employs about 1,400 Arkansans.

Entergy Arkansas also has interests in fossil-fuel, nuclear and hydroelectric power generation facilities with almost 4,500 MW of capacity. Entergy Arkansas owns and operates the state's only nuclear power plant, Arkansas Nuclear One, at Russellville. The two units there supply about 1,800 megawatts of power, equal to 30 percent of the state's total energy demand.

Entergy Arkansas has announced in April 2011 that it would leave the Entergy Corp. system agreement by the end of 2013 and join the Midwest Independent System Operator group. By doing so, Entergy Arkansas rejected an option to join Little Rock-based Southwest Power Pool.

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