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J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell was founded in 1961 by the husband-wife team of J.B. and Johnelle Hunt. The trucking and logistics company is now among the largest publicly traded trucking companies in the country.

Over its lifetime, the company has led the industry in intermodal transportation and the use of computers. It was one of the first transportation companies to enter the Mexican market. It also expanded into hazardous material hauling, parcel management and logistics management.

A landmark intermodal joint-services deal was reached in 1989 between Burlington Northern Santa Fe and J.B. Hunt. Following the agreement, rail freight volume increased by an annual rate of 3.6 percent from 1990-2002, gobbling up the excess capacity built following industry deregulation in 1980 and spawning a free-market model now imitated around the world. The company went public in 1983.

The late J.B. Hunt, born in 1927 in Arkansas, retired from day-to-day operations in 1995. At age 79, Hunt died in 2006 in Springdale due to complications from a head injury.

Johnelle Hunt retired from the board of directors in 2008.

J.B. Hunt Transport has annual revenue of more than $4 billion and employs more than 14,000 people -- 6,200 in Arkansas.

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The board of directors of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell approved a regular quarterly cash dividend of 20 cents per share of its common stock. read more >

Winter Weather Chills Profit at J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell reported a 6 percent decline in first-quarter profit, as harsh winter weather disrupted rail and trucking operations. read more >

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J.B. Hunt Transport Services In $500M Bond Underwriting Agreement

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell enters into an underwriting agreement with J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, Goldman Sachs & Co., and Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC to issue and sell $500 million in bonds. read more >

Relocation of Historic Frank Lloyd Wright House to Crystal Bridges a First

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J.B. Hunt Raises Dividend 33 Percent

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell announces a regular quarterly dividend of 20 cents per share, up 33 percent from its previous quarterly dividend of 15 per share. read more >

J.B. Hunt 4Q Profit Up 9 Percent to $92M

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. reports record fourth-quarter net earnings of $92 million, or 77 cents diluted earnings per share, up from net earnings of $84 million, or 70 cents per share. read more >

House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Will Move to Crystal Bridges

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J.B. Hunt Makes Leadership Changes in Its Truck Unit

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Stockholders List Grows With Market, Bank Deal

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Pryor, Boozman, Crawford Propose Hair Testing Legislation for Trucking Industry

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J.B. Hunt Makes Supply Chain Savvy a Focus

Now a Fortune 500 company, J.B. Hunt branches out and makes rank in other lists as a third-party logistics provider - moving and installing products for consumers. read more >

UA's Walton College, J.B. Hunt Host Supply Chain Forum

Nearly 300 sales executives from across the United States who work for J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. attended the company's supply chain forum July 30-Aug. 1 on the University of Arkansas campus. read more >

UA Walton College of Business Dean Eli Jones Still Uses Sales Skills

Sales might no longer be a word included in Eli Jones' title or official job description. But as dean of the University of Arkansas' Walton College of Business, Jones continues to see selling as a big part of his duties. read more >

Electronic Onboard Recording Devices Get Mixed Reviews from Trucking Industry

By January 2016 it is likely that all drivers will be required to install EOBRs in their vehicles as a means of monitoring hours of service. Proponents see it as a way to make driving more efficient and point to it as the first real change to the act of logging hours of service since the 1930s. Opponents view the replacement for paper logs as an intrusive instrument that will make life more difficult for drivers than it already is. read more >

J.B. Hunt 2Q Earnings Rise 9 Percent

J.B. Hunt Transport Services announces second-quarter earnings of $87.7 million, an increase of almost 9 percent compared with the year-earlier quarter. read more >

J.B. Hunt Settles Discrimination Case Brought By EEOC, Will Review Hiring Policies

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. of Lowell is reviewing its company hiring policy and has settled a racial discrimination suit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. read more >

As Economy Takes Off, Companies Return to Flight

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