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Time to Talk About Harassment (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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The recent flood of women who have begun speaking out about behavior that ranges from inappropriate to criminal creates a lightning-rod topic for organizational leaders. read more >

People Leave Bosses, Not Jobs (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)


If people leave bad bosses, then that means they stay for good ones. In short, a system that spends more to bring in talent and get new hires ready for responsibilities is wasting its time and effort if there is no process for improving those skills and capacity for management. read more >

Courageous Authenticity (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)


Whether it is an emotionally charged public display or an offhand remark in a meeting, the organization will take its lead from the boss' response to a violation of culture. read more >

Leaders: You Need More Than Checklists (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)


External skill-building is a good start, but developing an internal leader's mindset is the key to sustained behavior change. read more >

The High Cost of Bad Moods (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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Research in behavioral science is showing that there is a trend toward higher irritability in the workplace — especially in the United States — and it has been more pronounced over the last 24 months. read more >

Making the Tough Calls (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)


Decision making — especially when it is hard — is a fundamental part of leadership. read more >

What's Your Galaxy? (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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While few business leaders will face the kind of disaster that Samsung has had to navigate, as leaders approach the new year and lay out plans for a new product launch or geographic expansion, it may not be a bad idea to ask, “What's MY Galaxy?” read more >

Exorcising Business Monsters (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)


Rather than dwell on the demons and monsters, here's an executive coach's version of sunlight, wooden stakes and the other talismans useful to exorcise the Halloween crowd from your place of business. read more >

TEDx Coming Back to Little Rock (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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You may not agree with what you hear at a TEDx conference, but you will learn something new. You may not get the full picture — since speakers are given 18 minutes — but you will be escorted into territory occupied by that speaker that is likely to be new, controversial and challenging. read more >

Power and Pain of Consensus (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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Mainstream, action-oriented leadership thinkers tend to hate the idea of consensus, opting instead for rapid-fire, quick-decision meetings. The efficiency of pushing quickly for a clear path forward is hard to resist; however, it often steps over or forces underground the kind of resistance that will kill a new idea or initiative — but usually not until most of the time and money are spent. read more >

Vistage Expands With New Northwest Arkansas Group


Vistage, a worldwide facilitator of private advisory groups for CEOs, senior executives and business owners, has announced the first chief executive group in northwest Arkansas, led by Terry Bowen, Vistage chair and co-founder and CEO of Sew in Heaven LLC of Fayetteville. read more >

Former Clinton Museum Store Draws $2.3M Sale (Real Deals)

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610 President Clinton Avenue LLC, led by Mark Dake, bought its namesake property and former home of the Clinton Museum Store from the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. read more >

Killing Gators vs. Draining Swamp (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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All organizations find themselves in overload occasionally, a prolonged period when there simply are not enough resources to go around. Here are a few thoughts I have picked up over the years from knowledgeable authors and talented leaders. read more >

Developing Your Bench (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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A succession plan means not only knowing who could move into an open slot, but what development gaps the candidate has for readiness and what the plans are for filling those gaps. read more >

A Master Class in Feedback (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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Every year, aspiring singers participate in auditions for the New York Metropolitan Opera. Judges provide feedback to each of the singers. Most of the conversations were great examples of powerful feedback, delivered with skill and impact. read more >

Getting 'Unstuck' (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)


Anyone who runs a business is familiar with how easy it is to spend every day heads down in the business. But the same efficiency a leader gains with day-to-day operation also leads to tunnel vision. A leader can easily become isolated as well as stale. read more >

In Praise of Dust (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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Create and support the parts of the organization that can execute and keep a sustained focus on the details. Find vendors or partners who will perform those functions. And then remember to celebrate and fete their work in parity with the brilliant idea. read more >

Tickets Available, Speakers Set for Little Rock's TED Event

Technology & Telecom

Speakers have been announced and tickets now are available for the TEDx event in Little Rock, scheduled for July 24 from the Ron Robinson Theater in the River Market District. read more >

How to Listen (It's Not Easy) (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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Listening is hard. Like most things that we all do, there are levels of mastery that are only available to those who practice and train. Here then is a quick overview and some suggestions about how to become a better listener. read more >

The Business Value of Listening (Barry Goldberg On Leadership)

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There are reams of articles on listening, with approaches that vary widely. Most of what is required to listen, however, is to pay attention, remove distractions and remain fully present for the work in front of us. read more >