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Blake Rutherford is vice president of The McLarty Companies. Previously, he served as chief of staff to the Arkansas attorney general. Before joining the AG's office in 2010, Rutherford served as the director of public communications for Stone Ward of Little Rock, an advertising, marketing and public relations firm. From 2003 to 2006, he was an attorney with Wright Lindsey and Jennings LLP of Little Rock. He has served as general counsel to the Democratic Party of Arkansas and was part of the legal team that advised General Wesley K. Clark’s 2004 presidential bid. He has also served as an adjunct professor at the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law.

Blake was recognized as one of “Eight Young Arkansans to Watch” by Arkansas Times, “25 Arkansans for the Future” by Arkansas Business, and was selected to the 2007 “Forty Under Forty” class by Arkansas Business, at the age of 28. Blake is a graduate of Little Rock Central High School, Middlebury College, and the University of Arkansas School of Law.


Last 10 Articles & Blog Posts

It's About the Money (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

The U.S. Supreme Court changed the nature of political finance in Citizens United v. FEC. Four years later, the finance system is less regulated and awash in money. It stands to have a tremendous impact in the 2014 election and beyond. read more >

Health Care and the GOP Dilemma (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

It has been an important week for proponents of the Affordable Care Act. Positive developments in enrollment and favorable economic conditions present a dilemma for Republicans, particularly those who pursue a singular strategy in November. read more >

Putin and the Americans (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Crimea, an act that brought widespread international attention. What it means for the future of American-Russian relations merits the consider of the past work of Sen. J. William Fulbright and the current efforts of Rep. Tom Cotton. read more >

The Fiscal Session, and Everything After (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

With the 2014 fiscal session of the Arkansas General Assembly in rear view, I examine four lessons we gleaned from it, and what that means in the year ahead. read more >

The Bearable Likeness of Bush and Obama (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

The U.S. faces a large federal budget deficit and a sizable public debt. With Republicans quick to lay blame on President Obama, the real history of our circumstance involves two presidencies operating in extraordinary times. read more >

Hutchinson vs. Ross, er, Obama (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

The 2014 governor's race will likely feature Republican Asa Hutchinson versus Democrat Mike Ross, and the GOP hopes low poll approval numbers for Barack Obama in Arkansas will be a factor. read more >

The End of the Private Option (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

The private option is the major issue facing the General Assembly in the upcoming fiscal session. The impact on the state economy and business climate will be significant, but the outlook for reauthorization is grim. read more >

The Price Of Partisanship (Blake Rutherford On Politics)

The U.S. Senate race in Arkansas this November will be one of the most closely watched in the country. With business issues at the forefront, U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton has chosen a partisan path. read more >