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Gwen Crownover Moritz was born in Conway, reared in North Little Rock and graduated from Harding University at Searcy. She worked at the Pine Bluff Commercial, the Arkansas Gazette and the Nashville (Tenn.) Business Journal, with stints at the Tennessee Health Care Association and the Nashville Bar Association thrown in.

Moritz has been editor of Arkansas Business since 1999. She and her husband, Rob Moritz, have two sons. They live in North Little Rock.

Last 10 Articles & Blog Posts

Gender Diversity on Company Boards Accelerates in Arkansas

Since November 2014, the last time Arkansas Business measured the estrogen fueling the state's publicly traded companies, the number of women directors has grown by more than 40 percent, and the number of all-male boards has been cut in half. read more >

Must Be Present to Win (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

There's a lot of truth in the observation that women tend to set higher standards for themselves — and it's a darn good thing, because they will be held to higher standards. read more >

End of Bank of the Ozarks Mortgages May Not Signal Trend

Eagle Bank & Trust is ramping up its mortgage lending division while Bank of the Ozarks is shutting its down. What's going on with home loans? read more >

Good People Who Care (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Turnover varies by industry, but a much higher rate than the norm is a symptom of something. Either good people aren't being hired in the first place or there's a reason good hires don't stay. read more >

Thanks, Trump (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Just when I was getting my mind around bigger federal income tax bills in my future, the Republicans have voted to borrow money to help me out. read more >

The Year in Executive Q&A: 2017

We asked 51 Arkansas business leaders to weigh in on challenge and success throughout 2017. read more >

Bank of the Ozarks Exits Secondary Market Home Lending

Bank of the Ozarks of Little Rock confirmed Tuesday that it will stop originating home loans for sale on the secondary market, a line of business that had "operated at essentially break-even." read more >

Missouri Plea Deal Points to Rusty Cranford, Eddie Cooper

A political operative who pleaded guilty Monday to a federal felony in Missouri was involved in a conspiracy with Arkansas lobbyists fitting the descriptions of Milton R. "Rusty" Cranford and former state Rep. Eddie Cooper of Melbourne. read more >

A Detail-Oriented Holiday (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

Merry Christmas to you all, with my very best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2018. read more >

Since When? (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

If you can't trust yourself to compliment a woman without being a creep, then it's always fine to say nothing about her appearance at all. read more >