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Robert Coon is a partner at Impact Management Group (IMG), a full service public relations, public opinion, and public affairs firm with offices in Little Rock and Baton Rouge, La.

At IMG, Robert oversees public policy, lobbying and issue advocacy campaigns. He represents a wide range of clients, including Fortune 50 corporations, small and medium-sized companies, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations.

Robert and his wife Lindsay live in Little Rock with their two daughters, Lucy and Sally, and son, Sam. Their interests include cooking, reading and traveling.


Last 10 Articles & Blog Posts

The Election Post Mortem (Robert Coon On Politics)

Tuesday night was one for the record books in Arkansas, from the federal races at the top of the ballot all the way down to local contests. On Tuesday, the GOP took total control of the Arkansas congressional delegation by winning the remaining U.S. Senate seat (Tom Cotton over Mark Pryor) and all four House seats, which according to the Washington Post, was the first time they'd held every congressional seat in 141 years. read more >

Like It Or Not, Money Talks (Robert Coon on Politics)

TV ad spending in the Arkansas Senate race is approaching $20 million, with the largest portion coming from outside groups on both sides. While outside spending has become a popular target for criticism, following the money can provide political observers with an inside look at where races are heading. read more >

A Grande Distraction (Robert Coon On Politics)

Last week, while stepping of Marine One, President Obama made an error in judgment that has set off a firestorm of criticism. But while critics have pounced, Obama's supporters have dismissed it as a non-event. Just how big a deal is the "latte salute" anyway? read more >

Acting Like The Majority Party (Robert Coon On Politics)

Now that the August recess is over and members of Congress are back at work, GOP leaders in the House of Representatives are finding themselves in a familiar situation - infighting within the caucus. As the minority party in Washington, some level of internal conflict is expected, but will the GOP be able to coalesce if they win majority of the Senate this November? read more >

Have It Your Way, Eh? (Robert Coon On Politics)

The recent announcement by Burger King Corp. that it would be merging with Canadian donut and coffee chain Tim Hortons and “domiciling” the combined company in Canada has reignited the debate over corporate tax inversions. read more >

The Debate Over 'Partisan Polling' (Robert Coon On Politics)

As the number of polls being released continues to rise, so have the number of critics crying foul over the assumed biases of so-called “partisan polling." Can partisan polls be trusted, or are they just tools used to push an agenda? read more >

A Program Worth Bridging The Ideological Divide (Robert Coon On Politics)

The growing rift between mainstream, establishment Republicans and their more conservative, Tea Party colleagues threatens to engulf every major policy issue coming down the pike in Congress. read more >

Mo Money, Uber Problems (Robert Coon On Politics)

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have become the apps of choice for tech-savvy travelers in cities across the country – and worldwide. But as the companies have increased in popularity, opposition has grown as well. With Uber and Lyft currently looking at entering the Little Rock market, will our local officials embrace them or slam the door? read more >

A Measure of Congressional (un)Productivity (Robert Coon On Politics)

The 113th Congress is on track to pass a record low number of laws enacted. While not the only measurement of productivity, examining the number of laws passed does shed light on the level of cooperation within the Congressional body. And looking at the record low level of confidence the public has in the institution, it's fair to say things aren't going well. read more >

To Raise, Or Not To Raise, The Minimum Wage (Robert Coon On Politics)

Minimum wage laws have been controversial since they first started gaining traction in the early 19th century. Arkansas voters may have the opportunity to vote on a state minimum wage increase proposal this November. read more >