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Robert Coon is a partner at Impact Management Group (IMG), a full service public relations, public opinion, and public affairs firm with offices in Little Rock and Baton Rouge, La.

At IMG, Robert oversees public policy, lobbying and issue advocacy campaigns. He represents a wide range of clients, including Fortune 50 corporations, small and medium-sized companies, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations.

Robert and his wife Lindsay live in Little Rock with their two daughters, Lucy and Sally, and son, Sam. Their interests include cooking, reading and traveling.


Last 10 Articles & Blog Posts

Cracking The Complex Code of Arkansas Politics (Robert Coon On Politics)

Arkansans are known for being predictably unpredictable at the ballot box. As a result, cracking the code of our complex electorate becomes an important priority - one that perhaps holds the key to victory. read more >

The NLRB & Redefining March Madness (Robert Coon On Politics)

Like millions of Americans, I obsess over March Madness. It's exciting and unpredictable, and truly one of the best things about college sports. But something happened this March that could turn the college sports world upside down - and not in a good way. read more >

A Lesson in Politics from Baghdad Bob (Robert Coon On Politics)

Political leaders should be optimistic about their chances. After all, everyone wants to be on the winning team. But sometimes optimism gives way to political manipulation, and its credibility that suffers. read more >

A Different Path to Finding a Majority (Robert Coon On Politics)

Elected officials working across the political aisle in order to pass legislation is generally viewed favorably by the public. But sometimes too much cooperation causes rifts from within. Finding a path to a majority can be a difficult balancing act. read more >

The Trickle Down Effect of Obamacare (Robert Coon On Politics)

President Obama remains immensely unpopular in Arkansas. How will his unpopularity, and that of his signature health care reform law, affect the marquee Arkansas races in 2014? read more >

When Silence Is The Best Strategy (Robert Coon On Politics)

In the social media age, political campaigns often fall in the trap of responding to every campaign development - no matter how small or insignificant - for fear of missing an opportunity to score points. But is that always the best approach? read more >

Rejecting The Status Quo In Education (Robert Coon On Politics)

Many claim Common Core is the wrong path for our schools and children. But have opponents taken a close enough look at the system they're trying to preserve? read more >

Rights and Wrongs (Robert Coon On Politics)

A&E's suspension of Phil Robertson unleashed a nationwide media and social media frenzy about constitutional rights. But whose rights were actually being threatened? And why do business rights often take a back seat in the court of public opinion? read more >