Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011

The Sam M. Walton College of Business established the first Arkansas Business Hall of Fame in 1999 recognizing Arkansans - by birth or by choice - who have been successful business leaders. The Hall of Fame is designed to honor, preserve and perpetuate the names and outstanding accomplishments of business leaders who have brought lasting fame to Arkansas. For more information or to nominate someone for the honor, please visit the official website.

Featured Inside

UA Business Hall of Fame 2014: James H. Faulkner

Jim Faulkner turned a minor setback in his communications career into years of success with his advertising and publishing businesses Faulkner & Associates, Falcon Productions, Falcon Publications and Jimco, Inc. read more >

UA Business Hall of Fame 2014: Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty

Global citizen Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty's success is rooted in Arkansas soil. His distinguished career has spanned multiple sectors — Main Street to Wall Street, Pennsylvania Avenue to Pan-American and international highways; yet he traces his achievements back to the lessons he learned in Arkansas, and to the people who helped to inspire, support and guide him along the way. read more >

UA Business Hall of Fame 2014: Stanley E. Reed

In a life dedicated to his family and his farm, Stanley E. Reed also managed to serve his fellow farmers of Arkansas, his state, his country and the world. Many forces pulled at him — practicing law, public service — but the pull that always had a hold on him and the one that won out was the pull to be a dirt-under-his-fingernails farmer. Reed, who died July 15, 2011, became that while managing to also be much more. read more >

UA Business Hall of Fame 2014: Mark C. Simmons

Mark C. Simmons has never been one to shy away from a daunting task. Whether taking over the family company when only in his 20s, overseeing one of the nation's largest privately held broiler processing companies and the largest private label pet food company during economic turmoil or working to keep northwest Arkansas growing while protecting its natural beauty, Simmons accepted the challenge. read more >