Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011

Arkansas AgBusiness takes a deeper look at some of the sectors that make Arkansas' agriculture industry such a dominant force. In doing so, we also celebrate some of the unique business leaders who are making their mark locally and nationally.

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Lonoke County Farmer Crystal Lewis Continues Family Tradition

At 25 years old, Crystal Lewis is the sole operator of a farm that is just shy of 1,400 acres, sandwiched between I-440 and the city of Scott, and a 400-acre farm outside of Carlisle. Lewis is one of just a handful of female farmers in the Natural State to do so. read more >

Farmers Dismayed As New Farm Bill Dumps Direct Payments

The threatened end of cash subsidies to the nation's row crop farmers dates back through at least the last two iterations of national agriculture policy legislation. That threat became real, though, earlier this year when Congress passed the newest Farm Bill. read more >

Stalled Asian Trade Deal Could Impact Arkansas Crops

There is nothing simple about international trade agreements, and Arkansas farmers, ranchers and loggers have found themselves caught in the middle of tense talks as U.S. officials try to finalize a huge deal in Asia. read more >

Bigger, Smarter Farm Machines Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors

Most tractors crisscrossing fields in the Arkansas Delta and elsewhere use technology that nearly renders a driver obsolete. Global Positioning System programs allow farmers to set up their tractors, combines and other vehicles to drive themselves across fields. read more >

Exec Q&A: Randy Veach, Arkansas Farm Bureau President

Randy Veach is a third-generation farmer from the Lost Cane community (Mississippi County), where he grows cotton, rice, soybeans, wheat and corn on ground cleared by his grandfather and father. In addition to heading the state Farm Bureau, Veach is a board member of the American Farm Bureau. read more >