Arkansas Business City of Distinction 2011

Health Care Heroes honors individuals, companies and organizations that are making a significant impact on the quality of health care in Arkansas. Through their commitment to their profession and their community, they serve as an inspiration to others in an effort to improve the quality of healthcare and discover new ways to assist those in need.

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Introducing Health Care Heroes (From the Publisher Mitch Bettis)

Some of our life's most thrilling and challenging moments have been spent with our health care providers. read more >

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Laura F. Hutchins, Oncologist, Rockefeller Cancer Institute at UAMS

For more than three decades, cancer has met its match in the determination and resolve of Dr. Laura F. Hutchins. read more >

Small Hospital Finalist: CHI St. Vincent Morrilton

Administrators want you to know that despite its relatively small size, CHI St. Vincent Morrilton delivers a quality of care that rivals any health system in the state. read more >

Small Hospital Finalist: Drew Memorial Hospital, Monticello

The bed count of Drew Memorial Hospital may not be overwhelming, but there's much more to the Monticello-based hospital than first meets the eye. read more >

Small Hospital Finalist: NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Jonesboro

Completion of NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's $400 million campus in 2014 has proven to be only the beginning of the health system's overall growth to keep pace with the health needs of the community. read more >

Small Hospital Finalist: Ouachita County Medical Center, Camden

Despite having only 98 beds, Ouachita County Medical Center's influence on the people in its service area rivals that of much larger health systems. read more >

Large Hospital Finalist: Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock

Now more than a century old, Arkansas Children's Hospital is the only hospital system in the state solely dedicated to caring for children, which allows the organization to uniquely shape the landscape of pediatric care in Arkansas. read more >

Large Hospital Finalist: Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute, Little Rock

Helping patients address a wide range of life-changing medical conditions is the goal of Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute and it is a mission the Little Rock-based facility executes to the highest degree possible. read more >

Large Hospital Finalist: Unity Health, Searcy

With a workforce of more than 2,000, 438 licensed beds and a medical staff of 150 physicians who specialize in various areas of health care, Searcy-based Unity Health has become a major player in the Arkansas health care landscape. read more >

Large Hospital Finalist: Washington Regional Medical Center, Fayetteville

Challenges in the health care industry have made independent community hospitals a rarity in today's marketplace. But that's exactly the status of Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, the only facility of its kind in on the block. read more >

Innovation Hero Finalist: Dr. John Dornhoffer, UAMS

Dr. John Dornhoffer of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has risen to international prominence in the field of hearing loss, a battle that couldn't be more personal. read more >

Innovation Hero Finalist: Dr. Scott Schlesinger, Legacy Spine & Neurological Specialists

Seeking a way to serve patients in the grips of debilitating spinal pain, Dr. Scott Schlesinger developed a groundbreaking surgical procedure that brings relief and restores a patient's quality of life. read more >

Innovation Hero Finalist: Dr. Lanita White, UAMS 12th Street Health & Wellness Center

Serving the most pressing health needs in the community while seeing to the education of tomorrow's doctors is the goal of UAMS 12th Street Health and Wellness Center. Under the capable leadership of Dr. Lanita White, director, the center is redefining localized care. read more >

Workplace Wellness Hero Finalist: Future Fuel Chemical Company, Batesville

According to executive leadership, cultural and industry factors create myriad health challenges for Future Fuel Chemical Company, challenges met head on by the company's wellness programs. read more >

Workplace Wellness Hero Finalist: CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs, Hot Springs

The Healthy Spirit wellness program at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs is an important and systemic health curriculum designed to keep employees on the job and at their best. read more >

Workplace Wellness Hero Finalist: Arkansas Children's Hospital, LIttle Rock

As a way to help employees deal with the demands and stress of health care jobs, Arkansas Children's Hospital supports a comprehensive wellness program — ACH Healthy Happens Here, or H3 for short. The program employs a combination of incentives and programs to help employees take steps to better health. read more >

Health Care Professional of the Year Finalist: Mary Cantrell, UAMS

Mary Cantrell took a decidedly unconventional route to her role as executive director of the Centers for Simulation Education at UAMS, but given how her career in medical education has taken her to the far corners of the globe, it was a route worth taking. read more >

Health Care Professional of the Year Finalist: Adam Carson, Carson Physical Therapy

Growing up in Benton, Adam Carson's love of athletics wasn't enough to make him a star on the field or court, but it did lead him to the field of physical therapy, where he has been leaving his mark ever since. read more >

Health Care Professional of the Year Finalist: Teresa Conner, Baptist Health

The summation of Teresa Conner's career in health care has been figuring out how to do the most good. read more >

Health Care Professional of the Year Finalist: Patrick McCruden, CHI St. Vincent Health System

Patrick McCruden may report to work at a hospital every day — CHI St. Vincent Health System, to be precise — but he's really continuing an unbroken line of ministry in healing. read more >

Health Care Professional of the Year Finalist: Joey Radcliff, Five Rivers Medical Center

Joey Radcliff was always interested in numbers, particularly as they applied to accounting and finance, but it wasn't until a position opened at the local medical center that he considered working in the health care industry. He's never looked back. read more >

Women's Health & Wellness Hero Finalist: Dr. Jaime Cardenas, CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Women's Clinic

“Treat the woman, save a family” could be the unofficial motto for Dr. Jaime Cardenas of the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Women's Clinic. read more >

Women's Health & Wellness Hero Finalist: Jessica Donahue, Baptist Health Medical Center

For years, pediatricians have stressed the benefits breastfeeding has over baby formula in the early development of infants. But what is less widely understood is that the health benefits of breastfeeding also extend to the new mother. It's a gap in understanding that Jessica Donahue works daily to correct. read more >

Women's Health & Wellness Hero Finalist: Dr. Stacy Pinter, Central Arkansas Women's Group

The field of women's health is a challenging and ever-changing specialty and one that Dr. Stacy Pinter of Central Arkansas Women's Group faces each and every day. read more >

Women's Health & Wellness Hero Finalist: Rebecca Sartini, UAMS

If it seems upon first meeting that Rebecca Sartini has a sixth sense about the work she does as nurse leader of the Neonatal Intensive Care and Lactation departments of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, it's because she sees a little bit of herself in every one of her patients. read more >

Nurse of The Year Finalist: Audra Arant-Choate, UAMS

Audra Arant-Choate said she has always been moved by the inequities that the poor and underprivileged face in all areas of society. She's made such patients the poster children for her career in nursing. read more >

Nurse of The Year Finalist: Trenda Cottrell, Presbyterian Village

As a nurse in the long-term care field, Trenda Cottrell works at Presbyterian Village-Residential Care in Little Rock, where she provides for the usual physical and medical needs of patients as well as their social and emotional well-being through daily interactions and conversations. read more >

Nurse of The Year Finalist: Susan Greenwood, St. Bernards Medical Center

Susan Greenwood had no intention of becoming a nurse, even though she had a built-in mentor at home. read more >

Nurse of The Year Finalist: Megan Thomas, UAMS

As a stem cell transplant/oncology nurse with UAMS, Megan Thomas daily embraces the kinds of medical situations most of us don't even want to think about. But the many acts of medical and personal mercy she administers makes this the job she wanted over all others. read more >

Physician of The Year Finalist: Dr. Kristofer Freeland, Arkansas Heart Hospital

In his work at the Arkansas Heart Hospital, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Kristofer Freeland evaluates and provides surgical treatment of cardiac disease, including coronary artery, valve, structural heart, aortic and peripheral vascular diseases. read more >

Physician of The Year Finalist: Dr. Richard Jacobs, UAMS

In nearly 40 years of medical practice, Dr. Richard Jacobs has seen a lot of change in the health care field. But the things that brings him the most joy — as well as those things that are the most difficult — haven't changed a bit. read more >

Physician of The Year Finalist: Dr. Joe Martindale, Saline Med Peds

Dr. Joe Martindale is the kind of doctor you don't much see anymore. In an age of hyper-specialization, the 85-year-old physician cared for his patients – generations of them – from cradle to grave. read more >

Physician of The Year Finalist: Dr. James Suen, UAMS

Dr. James Suen, professor and chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery at UAMS, personifies excellence in his life and his work. read more >

Physician of The Year Finalist: Dr. Margaret Tremwel, Washington Regional Medical System

Like many medical professionals, Dr. Margaret Tremwel has a healthy curiosity for what makes the body tick, particularly between the ears. read more >

Health Care Administrator of the Year Finalist: Leslie 'Bubba' Arnold, CHI St. Vincent Morrilton

Asked what led him into working in health care administration, Leslie "Bubba" Arnold, president of CHI St. Vincent Morrilton, credited an unexpected source of inspiration. read more >

Health Care Administrator of the Year Finalist: Greg Crain, Baptist Health Medical Center

It's hard to tell where the medical ends and the spiritual begins for Greg Crain of Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock. In fact, the 46-year-old executive doesn't see much difference between the two. read more >

Health Care Administrator of the Year Finalist: Dr. Jayant Deshpande, Arkansas Children's Hospital

Looking back, Jayant Deshpande's path to administration was paved by mentors who each demonstrated how leading others effectively was a means of helping the widest possible range of people. read more >

Health Care Administrator of the Year Finalist: Melanie Edens, NEA Baptist

Melanie Edens, assistant hospital administrator for NEA Baptist Health System in Jonesboro, earned her management stripes in the same front line roles as the people she now leads. read more >

Health Care Administrator of the Year Finalist: Dr. Dan Rahn, UAMS

Over the past seven years, University of Arkansas for Medical Science Chancellor Dr. Dan Rahn has led the state's flagship hospital and medical school to previously unknown levels of excellent patient care and sound financial management. And he's done it in an era of unparalleled change in the American health care industry. read more >